Create New Saved Replies - User Guide

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How to Create a New Saved Reply:

There are over 60 Saved Replies that are preloaded when you sign up on RedRabbit. However, should there be any specific Saved Replies you wish to create, this is where you will go to Create them.

Navigation: Inbox > Saved Replies > New Saved Reply

  • Click on Inbox, select Saved Replies 
  • Click on New Saved Reply
  • Complete the Saved Reply details
  • Select which Category the Saved Reply is related to (this means that this Saved Reply will only be available on in the Maintenance Module)
  • Select the Type of Saved Reply you are creating (Email or SMS)
  • Select the targeted Audience of the Saved Reply (Tenant, Landlord, Service Provider)
  • Give your Saved Reply a Name (this is to easily identify the Saved Reply)
  • Add a Subject line (this is the Subject line your intended recipient (Tenant, Landlord, and Service Provider) will see)
  • Start creating the Body of the Saved Reply, add ##InformationTags## (information tags will automatically pull specific information regarding the Recipient, Property, User etc)
  • These information tags allow you to use the same Saved Reply for all matters related to the specified Saved Reply
  • Click on Create

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