Conducting a Inspection on Android Device - User Guide

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How to Conduct Your Inspection on a Android Device:

Before you are able to conduct a inspection on your device, the inspection needs to be scheduled. There two ways of scheduling your inspections.

  1. Schedule your inspection from the Portal.
  2. Schedule your inspection from the Mobile App.

Once your inspection has been schedule and you have arrived at the intended property, you can being conducting the inspection through the RedRabbit Mobile App.

Navigation: Open Your RedRabbit Mobile App > Click on Inspection > Select Checklist > Select Area > Inspect Checklist Items

  • Click on your RedRabbit Mobile App
  • Click on the Inspection
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Checklist on the bottom righthand corner
  • Click on the Area you will begin with (normally as you walk into the property)
  • Click on the first Checklist Item
  • Complete the Condition of the Item, click on the Camera to take a photo (Best Practice dictates that when recording defects, a minimum of two photos need to be taken. One photo needs to display the detail of the defect (close-up / zoomed image), and one further away from the defect to display the size / scope of the defect), click on Save
  • Click on the Camera icon again to capture the second photo
  • When recording a defect, use the Recommendations (Hammer & Spanner) icon to list the party responsible to either Clean, Repair or Replace the Defect you are recording
  • Click on the Speech Bubble to make additional Comments
  • Click Comments to Type, or select from the Pre-loaded options, select Save
  • To Delete a Checklist Item Long Tap (press and hold down on the item you wish to delete, click on Delete
  • To Add a missing Checklist Item click on the top righthand corner and select the + icon
  • Enter the Checklist Item Name, click on Add
  • Once you have completed the entire Kitchen Area, click on the Back Arrow top lefthand corner to get back to the Areas List
  • Back Arrow again to get back to the Inspection Overview to access the Signature section
  • Click on Sign Here
  • You can take your Tenant to walk through the property now and go through the inspections Completed Overview
  • Click on Add Signature
  • Pass your device to the Tenant to Sign, click on Save
  • You as the Agent need to sign off on the inspection as well. Click on Add Signature
  • Click on the Back Arrow on the top lefthand corner to exit out of the Complete Overview
  • Click on the Back Arrow on the lefthand corner again to exit out of the Inspection Overview

How to Upload Your Completed Inspections:

NB - We advise that you only upload your inspections when connected to a stable WIFI connection, as the upload process is extremely data intensive. Trying to upload on mobile data is very time consuming and costly.

When uploading your inspections, upload one inspection at a time, as trying to upload all completed inspections will cause a Bottleneck effect (this means that you are trying to push too much data back to the portal simultaneously), this can lead to Packet Loss (packet loss can mean a number of things .e.g. some photos may not upload, no photos may upload, and the inspection may upload completely blank).

  • Click on Upload

Please note; you are able to upload your inspections in the background so that you can access other apps on your device and continue with your daily tasks.

Just make sure that your homescreen does not lock, as this will stop the upload at the point of the home screen locking. Once your home screen locks, you will need to manually restart the upload. The same applies if you have Battery Saving Mode active on your device. Once the RedRabbit App is seen to be using too much of your battery, your device will automatically close the RedRabbit App and the upload will paused. Our advice is that you turn this Battery Saving Mode feature off to prevent this from happening.

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