Daily Dashboard Explained

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What is The Purpose of The Daily Dashboard:

In our efforts to streamline your admin efficiencies, we have created the Daily Dashboard to bring focus to the Tasks that are due today. Upon login on the RedRabbit platform, you will land on your Daily Dashboard by default.

Access Your Inbox:

Navigation: Rabbit Icon

  • Click on Rabbit Icon.

Let's go through each of the working tiles on the Daily Dashboard:

  • Inbox Tile - The Inbox Tile will display the number of unread emails since the last time you were logged in on the solution. If you click on the bold 3, the solution will automatically take you to 3 unread emails in your mailbox.
  • New Maintenance Request Tile - The New Maintenance Request Tile will display the total number of New Requests submitted since your last login, and how many were submitted in The Last 12 Hours. Click on either number (2 or 1) and you will be taken to either option.
  • Open Tickets Tile - The Open Tickets Tile will display the number of Open Tickets your team has, and out of the total number of Open Tickets, how many are assigned to you. You will also see, out of all the Closed Tickets the number of Tickets that are currently Unresolved. A Resolved Ticket and Closed Ticket are not the same. A Ticket is Resolved once the maintenance at said property has been completed, whereas a Ticket is Closed once the Payment of said maintenance has been processed.
  • Inspections Tile - The Inspections Tile will display the number of up and coming inspections scheduled for the next 7 days for your team and yourself. The Tile will also display the total number of inspections and how many are still in Review (meaning, the inspections have been uploaded, but not marked completed). All uploaded inspections need to be marked Completed once all the signatures have been obtained, maintenance has been actioned, and the PDF reports have been generated.
  • RedRabbit Overview Tile - The Overview Tile will display a brief overview of your overall Portfolio on the RedRabbit solution. To access the Billing portion of this Tile, you will need to have owner or manager permissions.

Daily To-Do's:

Your daily To-Do's are reminders that you set up for yourself during a tickets life cycle or when needing to be reminded of a leases expiration in order to schedule the outgoing inspection, and follow up on tickets.

  • You can action your To-Do's directly from the Daily Dashboard.
  • Once you have actioned your To-Do, click on the on the Thumbs Up icon to complete the To-Do, or on the Menu Drop Down (3 Dots) to change the date of the To-Do.
  • Set the Reminder Date and click on Update To-Do.

NB - The To-Do reminders are a two step notification. You will receive an email notification and the reminders will appear on your Daily Dashboard. To-Do reminders are created from either a Ticket or the Inspections Dashboard.

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